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Five individuals of Smith's cardinalfish Jaydia smithi were collected from Ibn-Hani area, Lattakia, Syria on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Their morphometric and meristic characteristics are reported. There are several factors which assisted this specimen to reach this area of the Mediterranean; some of these factors might be the marine environment changes and the ballast water. This study reports that Smith's cardinalfish Jaydia smithi, a member of Lessepsian species was found in Syrian marine waters for the first time.


Jaydia smithi lessepsian Mediterranean Sea Smith's cardinalfish Syrian coast

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Al-Shawy, F. A. ., Lahlah, M. M. ., & Hussein, C. S. . (2017). First Record of the Lessepsian Migrant Smith’s Cardinalfish Jaydia smithi Kotthaus, 1970 (Pisces: Apogonidae) from Syrian Marine Waters. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 30(2), 45–49.


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