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To enhance the productivity of durum wheat, it is crucial to disseminate new and improved wheat varieties along with other enhanced crop management practices. The NARC, NGOs and local universities in collaboration with the ICARDA, has implemented various activities in Palestine from 2014 to 2022 to achieve this goal. The study aims to assess the outcomes of the activities focused on enhancing durum wheat productivity through the dissemination of new varieties and the implementation of improved crop management practices. A total of 920 farmers participated in the initiative for disseminating improved durum wheat. Additionally, 47 tons of high-quality seeds were distributed for 183 farmers. The implementation included demonstrations of recommended agronomic practices. Furthermore, more than 50 farmers engaged in farmer-participatory demonstrations focused on adequate nutrient management, specifically composting. The outcomes of the durum wheat dissemination revealed a notable improvement in the productivity of three durum wheat varieties, demonstrating an increase of 11.5% to 19.7% in both grain and straw yields, respectively, when compared to the control variety. The overall benefit for the new varieties amounts to approximately 1230 US $ ha-1, whereas the control stands at about 901 US $ ha-1, indicating a notable increase of 36.51%. The seed producers produced a total of 340 tons of high-quality seeds and 490 tons of straw. The total benefit from the difference between the agronomic and farmers package was about 208 US $ per hectare. The average increase in grain yield was 5% for compost practices, while the increase for straw yield was about 13%.


Compost Durum wheat Improved packages Profitability Seed production

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Hamdan, Y. A. S. ., Alimari, A. I. ., Jarrar, S. R. ., & Abadi, N. A. . (2024). Sustainable Durum Wheat (Triticum durum) Production for Enhancing Food Security in Palestine. Basrah Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 37(1), 94–104.


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